Call time was 5am this morning and when I jumped in the cab my default setting took me to Carriageworks without thinking, but my show this morning was at the Art Gallery of NSW.

I had to do some stuff for Vogue online today, like a day in the life of (me), so I was up making breakfast while they shot me.

I had a delivery from Miranda’s Kerr’s Kora Organics range, which was great. You often get goodies like that to help you through the week, or they send them into the agency (Chic). You really need them – by the end of the weekend your skin isn’t looking great, you get breakouts and your hair is super dry from all the heat and different products that have been put in it all week long.

First show today was Lisa Ho, so we had hair and make-up and did a rehearsal. The show was really beautiful, long evening dresses, all plain colours in white, red and blue and some swimwear.

After the show I had a shoot with Marie Claire. They’re doing a piece on six models and their style, with Julia Novis, Nicole Pollard, Ruby Jean, myself and a couple of others. I’m a casual dresser, jeans and a T-shirt or a nice white button-up shirt. I’m pretty lazy with what I wear. I like big throwovers, something comfy, cos you’re getting things prodded at your face and body a lot, so you just want to be in something comfy when you can.

Watson x Watson was in the afternoon. Call time was 1pm, and the show started at 4pm at Carriageworks, so I jumped into a cab to get there. Their stuff is cool and edgy and the designers at Watson x Watson are really lovely girls, always happy and appreciative and spend time chatting to everyone.

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Then I did a fitting with Staple the Label for Friday’s show, and went home to bed at 7pm. There were quite a few parties on last night which the others girls were going to. I would have loved to go but I was exhausted and knew I wouldn’t be able to get myself out of bed if I did. So I ordered some take out and went to sleep early.