Founded by Sydney-sider Anna Robertson, who has previously worked in Ghana as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer and Australian Youth Ambassador for Development, YEVU is a clothing label that incorporates bright fabrics sourced from the markets of Accra, Kumasi, Togo and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa. Moreover, all of the brand’s designs are developed and handmade in Ghana using traditional wax print cotton fabrics in collaboration with local tailors and seamstresses.

After three pop-ups last year that sold out within the week, Robertson returned to Ghana to work with a larger and more specialised team of local tailors and seamstresses, and worked to ensure a new collection would be more economical and efficient than before, all the while reinforcing her relationships with the local makers. Upon her return, and due to popular demand, Robertson has finally set up an online store for those who weren't able to make the pop-ups.

Incorporating the bright wax-cloth bomber jackets, '50s-style full skirts and dresses, shorts, caps and backpacks that were so popular at the pop-ups, there are now rompers and relaxed button-up dresses, with some new fabrics thrown into the mix, too.

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Sustainable, stylish and markedly different, it’s difficult to fault the one-year-old brand. The only bone to pick is that these designs always sell out quickly. Pre-ordering will be available later in the year, but get your order in now before it’s all too late.