Alexandra Inman, the Melbourne designer behind Xander Studio, is not your average bag lady. Her totes have quickly become go-to pieces, renowned for their squidgy fabric, bold range of colours and practicality. Now the designer has married two very different fabrics – neoprene and leather – for her new collection, XS2.

“I found inspiration for XS2 travelling. Lots of people-watching took place,” says Inman. “All the designs remain functional, durable and minimalist – but we have left the beach and reached the street.”

Inman has a background in fine art, but her passion for experimenting with different textures and shapes is anchored by function. The result is a midpoint between relaxed and luxurious.

The Sol backpack comes in black and doubles as a durable tote. There are also two different styles of clutch available: a classic rectangular clutch available in black, navy, white, taupe and tan, and a fold-over clutch in the same neutral shades.