The first collection of scarves by TIAN launched in December 2014; colourful pieces made with eye-catching attention to detail. The scarves are designed by emerging creative Jenny Zeng, and then digitally printed in Sydney. With only 65 scarves created per design, each one is a limited-edition piece to treasure.

“TIAN’s vision is to promote Australian talent, support the Australian textile trade and produce only high-quality products that will last a life time,” says Zeng.

The first collection was inspired by Zeng’s time in Paris, where she worked for two years. She draws from bold and colourful African textiles she saw on the bustling streets of the French capital. “A lot of women wear African Ankara -styled textiles. Because my background is quite graphic and digital, I loved using a lot of these bold colours and detailed elements.” The collection consists of four vibrant scarf designs, each made of 100 per cent silk.

“While I was in Paris I saw French women wear them in completely different ways. It blew my mind and I wanted to bring that here,” says Zeng. “Scarves are a staple in France. It’s such a simple way to add style, character and elegance to any everyday outfit.”