“I love to capture moments from everyday life,” Lillie Toogood says. “[I’m] always drawn to the hustle and bustle of street life in foreign places.” Like many camera-toting tourists, Toogood has spent years capturing the scenery she has encountered around the world. She has now incorporated this into her business, Good&Co, a brand that translates travel vignettes into scarves.

After years working for fashion brands including Karen Walker and Camilla & Marc, Toogood launched Good&Co in 2011. The name, she tells us, is a reference to her surname but also to the collaborative nature of making fashion. “When I first started working in fashion … I was blown away by the amount of people and steps involved behind the scenes,” Toogood says. “For me the ‘&Co’ is my way of acknowledging all the people I work with.”

Many of those behind-the-scenes steps occur in the image-processing phase. Toogood and her partner (designer Dirk Baetzold of Erstwhile) have amassed a library of images from their travels, both global and local. “Shapes and patterns are things I am drawn to,” Toogood says. “I also love to change the way a viewer may look at a regular scene.”

One of the characteristics of Good&Co scarves is their close-cropped aesthetic. Toogood chooses images with a defining feature (such as a neon sign reflected in a window in Barcelona, or a sun-drenched Bondi apartment) and builds the focus around them. The result is eye-catching and surreal.

Toogood’s background in graphics leaves her well placed to seek out the perfect image. “You need to look really carefully at the composition, colour and details, and how they will be transformed once enlarged,” Toogood says. She designs knowing there will be a very visible end to the image; the scarf edge. She also searches out pops of colour, graphic shapes and features that will enliven with definition. “I love the way you can use the camera frame to crop a scene and make it interesting and intriguing,” Toogood says.