You might know Sarah Glover by her chewy Bondi Bikkies or by her zealous laughter if you've shared the ocean with her on a morning surf. What Glover does for work is varied; she is a baker, chef and an entrepreneur.

Aside from supplying cafes around the country with her biscuits, Glover is a recipe writer, sharing them through her latest project Foodie Gang – a series of recipes with videos and photos by Luisa Brimble. True to her nomadic lifestyle, each post documents Glover cooking her concoctions from various idyllic locations. Her approach to food is consistent only in that she buys local produce and sees cooking as a form of play in which nothing is too serious.

Above all, making and sharing food with others is at the core of what she does and the way Glover dresses for her work each day is an accurate reflection of her personality; adventurous, loud and bright.

Broadsheet: What does getting dressed for the day look like?

Sarah Glover: I always go for a surf or run first, that way I can figure out what the weather is doing. Then I will look at my schedule for the day; I'll match the outfit to my day’s activities. If I'm in the kitchen then I will wear something comfy like my Converse or Spring Courts. That’s the practical element. Then I love some statement sunnies or earrings. If I'll be out and about then I like to dress up. I will usually pick out a (louder) highlight piece and work the rest of the outfit around that.

BS: Where do you like to buy the produce you use?

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SG: I like to buy it from local providers. So depending on what state or country I'm in I will always try to source the freshest produce from local markets or available farmers. Right now I love any sort of native Australian produce that I can get my hands on. It's fun to experiment with and the flavours are wild.

BS: You spend a lot of your time travelling, can you tell us some of your favourite places to buy clothes?

SG: I love op shops or vintage stores because you can find one-off pieces. Snake In The Grass in Melbourne is one of my favourite stores. Lately I've been obsessed with hardware stores and buying tradie clothes, like my white overalls. I love how practical they are, especially with the work I do. When I travel to New York I always have to go to Bergdorf's and Barney's. My little thing when I travel to NYC is that I always buy a new pair of shoes.

BS: It seems that at a certain time in life you finally figure out what colours to wear – has this been the case for you?

SG: Pink! (laughs) Really, I love pink, like hot, bright pink – it’s me. Also leopard print is my thing. I think it developed over the past couple of years, I just accumulated a lot of leopard print and now I love it and wear it a lot. I tend to wear a lot of denim, I am not afraid of denim on denim. I like to dress a bit rock. A lot of my work is in the realm of slow living, the local and the handmade – that aesthetic is very beige and earthy and then there’s me, in my hot pink and leopard print.