Louise Iselin has spent more than 20 years working closely with emerging fashion designers in Australia. From managing designers at IMG Fashion, to owning Capital-L boutique in Paddington, Iselin knows a promising designer when she sees one.

She launched online designer marketplace Ellia two months ago, with a carefully curated selection of both local and international designers she admires. With names such as Gary Bigeni, Arnley, B Goods Label and Haryono Setiadi, it’s a place to go when you’re looking for innovative designs and a fresh perspective. We speak with Iselin about staying current.

Broadsheet: How do you approach dressing?
Louise Iselin: I think I am ever changing. I like to refresh what I’m wearing quite often, but I don’t like to have too many pieces at a given time. I am always quite monochromatic when I dress, but I do love colour and right now I’m all about pink statement pieces. The colours I wear are always changing in cycles.

BS: Is there anyone in particular you admire stylistically?
LI: Currently it would be Lou Doillon for her relaxed man-style tailoring. And we’re both Lous!

BS: What are some of your current favourite pieces?
LI: I am wearing a lot of white, it must be the change of season. The white asymmetrically buttoned Khalo shirt is a favourite and I will usually wear it with denim or wide-legged trousers. I am also loving my white jumpsuit from SIR and Kacey Devlin white-cotton shorts. I wear my KT Jewel Things Change ring everyday, seeing it on my hand everyday is a reminder for me to embrace newness in all forms.

BS: Do you have a pair of go-to shoes?
LI: I’ll either be wearing my white Nike Roshe Run (oh the scrubbing) or these cool black lace-up sandals I bought in Paris when I was there in March for Fashion Week – I’ve only just been able to wear them now it’s getting warm again.

BS: How do you select designers for Ellia?
LI: I try to curate a selection of emerging designers as well as labels you might not have heard of. I wanted a good mix of local and international brands and they all suit a clean, no-fuss aesthetic. They’re brands I’ve had my eye on for years. Each one has a different approach to design and quality that they bring the table.

BS: What is it about fashion that has drawn you in and kept you working in the industry so long?
LI: I think it is the ever-changing nature of it that suits my disposition. Also the inter-relationships between fashion, music, art and culture are a constant source of inspiration. I try to pay a lot of attention to what’s happening in music because I think the two are intrinsically connected. I don’t like to look back to what we were doing before, I’m all about staying current and moving forward.