Emilie Cacace spends her week managing Think Positive Prints, a textile design and print house based in Alexandria. TPP is a family business and Cacace’s love of textiles stems from a life spent working closely with her parents and designers in the business.

Outside of this full-time job, Cacace has a side project, Andéol. She uses digitally printed textile art to create silk scarves, printed cushions and plaited silk jewellery interwoven with minerals and gemstones.

We meet Cacace in the Art Deco apartment she rents in Clovelly, overlooking the ocean with a glimpse of Gordon's Bay. What is immediately arresting about the place is its spaciousness and texture. Andéol prints cover cushions and lampshades, and the walls are adorned with woven pieces and artworks by friends. There is a balance in everything Cacace does, and this extends to her collected objects at home, as well as what she wears.

Broadsheet: What does getting ready in the morning involve for you?
Emilie Cacace: Lately I have been making breakfast at home, which has been really nice, a little quiet moment alone before the day. Then I’ll get dressed – right now I’m just wearing tees and jeans with a lot of different colourful woollen jumpers that I will interchange. Then it’s always about accessories for me.

BS: How do you choose which accessories to wear when you have such a big collection?
EC: All my accessories are like my little good-luck charms. I mostly wear my crystal jewellery or talisman jewellery collected from my travels, once I have all of those on I feel like I have my treasures with me and I am ready to go outside and face the world.

I wear this woven-bag necklace with cowrie shells pretty much every day. This gypsy lady who I met when I was in Hampi, India in 2011 gave it to me. I've started to wear the Andéol jewellery again – normally I just let everyone else wear it – but lately I have been wearing a couple of pieces and it has felt really nice.

BS: Do you tend to dress differently throughout the week and on weekends?
EC: Yes, because of working in a factory environment during the week I like my dressing to be really comfortable and easy; things that come together naturally so that I don't have to think about it, like boots and overalls.

On the weekends, if I go to the Opera or out for a drink, I could be in black silk high-waisted pants and a white shirt, very simple, I would say that's my other style.

BS: What are some of your favourite pieces you are wearing now?
EC: These bright-green shoes by Maryam Nassir Zadeh are my favourite. I wear a lot of high-waisted pants and skirts, and loose-fitting clothing made in fabrics like linen, cotton and silk. Just recently purple has become my favourite colour and it has been invading everything; purple clothes, flowers and cushions.

BS: What is the best aspect of living here in Clovelly?
EC: Being by the sea gives me the same feeling of calm I used to get from living in the Blue Mountains. I need this after a week in Alexandria, in a concrete jungle for 12 hours a day. I really need it to recharge; I do the coastal walk and swim, and then I am fine again for Monday.