The various ways to put wool to use have persistently drifted in and out of fashion. In recent years, knitwear has enjoyed a resurgence in the hands of knitwear designers breathing new life into the craft, which has returned knitting to a level of true craftsmanship once more.

The folk behind The Standard Store are known for their want to gather the community together. Well, this time they’ve chosen wool as their totem and Wool and the Gang as their facilitators. Founded in 2008 by Lisa Sabrier, WATG aims to cultivate a kind of global 'school of wool' or an international knitting club, if you will.

WATG use beautiful Peruvian yarns in both their ready-to-wear pieces and within their ready-to-knit kits, gathered from sheep that graze around Lake Titicaca, 3500m above sea-level in the Peruvian Highlands. Baby alpaca and pima cotton are also in the weave of the yarn, which comes in every weight, texture and colour of the rainbow.

The Standard Store is inviting anyone who buys a kit or scarf by WATG to join them for a night of knitting and tequila (see what patterns you can knit up with the help of some shooters) at Tio's on 5 June. Some experienced knit knights will be on hand to help you get your needles clacking.

Besides the chunky knit scarves and kits from WATG, The Standard Store has loads of goodies flooding their shelves including delectable cashmeres from Chinti and Parker and candles from PopUp Paris – with a one in 50 chance of finding a diamond hidden in the wax! Awarming way to ease into winter.

Wool and the Gang knit kits are available at The Standard Store. Buy one, then join their knit night at Tio's on Tuesday 5 June. For more info contact

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