Par Femme is by Oyster magazine’s former publisher, Monica Nakata, and former fashion editor and stylist, Ruby Heery. In other words, two people with a knack for curation. The aesthetic and the subtext of their new store is all openness and empowerment, and Par Femme – French for “by woman” – is just that, created by women, for women, with a selection of labels that think just the same.

The store stocks a range of international and local lingerie, lounge wear and silk slips, jewellery, erotic fiction, candles and toys for the bedroom. “We’re interested in brands that see the beauty in every woman’s body and brands that truly love women,” says Nakata. “We feel all the brands we work with represent distinct female viewpoints that reflect both individuality and the aesthetic of Par Femme.”

You’ll find a selection of Lonely, Aimee-Cherie Intimates, Holly Ryan’s Art Deco jewels, Double Disco double hoop earrings, and subtle and stylish violet-hued sex toys from Perlesque. Nakata and Heery have also launched their own line of intimates and jewellery under the Par Femme name.

“I’ve always been interested in the notion of ‘the feminine’, and in particular how sensuality has been recorded throughout history,” explains Heery. “We wanted to create a site that caters to women looking for an aesthetically pleasing, intelligent, yet approachable and safe environment to understand their sexuality [in].”

Alongside the trinkets and apparel, Nakata and Heery have called upon their “community of creative talent” to craft editorial for the site. There are long features (“A History of the Female Orgasm”), love letters (to "YSL’s Baby Doll fragrance) and product reviews (wearing “Clio Love Balls” while attending a wedding).

“We wanted to create an online destination that goes beyond the shopping experience by creating relevant stories,” adds Nakata. “To be able to share common experiences that are shared, but also quite personal in nature.”

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