Fast fashion is exactly like fast food; it’s usually not the best thing for the wardrobe or the environment. Fast fashion might not necessarily make you fat, but it can definitely be unflattering, due to the generic nature of its cut and production.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have fashion like that of Melbourne knitwear label Wendy Voon, which has spent the last six years nurturing a particular elegance that can only come from love, technology and time.

Using natural yarns and handcraft techniques, Voon balances colour, form and texture in her carefully constructed knitwear. The quality and care that goes into each garment is a reaction against the mass produced nature of what piles up in land fills on a daily basis.

With less than a dozen pieces in the AW 2012 collection, each garment has been laboured over and meticulously designed, with beautiful textures teased out of silk ribbon, angora and Italian wool.

Embellished with details like drawstrings, keyholes and engineered seams, this collection uses hanging threads as a feature to serve as evidence of the artisanal process that each piece undergoes before it comes to adorn your back, shoulders or neck.

Each piece involves a lot more care and human input than that pulled off a production line. Indeed, Voon makes sustainable, high-quality fashion. Drape yourself in it.

Wendy Voon ‘pops in’ to High Tea With Mrs Woo until June 15.