Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy and aesthetic based around ideas of wisdom in natural simplicity and flawed beauty. Asymmetrical and rough, austere and modest – in Wabi Sabi true beauty is found through imperfection.

In his latest exhibition, photographer Georges Antoni has created art from a different perspective to the norm and, most importantly, one that engages the viewer by creating an explosive, colourful and interactive art experience. Viewers are encouraged to meander around and interact with the 12 innovative installations, which cover mediums of print, sound, sculpture, collage and film, bringing about a spiritual serenity akin to the traditional Japanese ideals.

Through this exhibition, Antoni and his collaborators are hoping to raise awareness for what is often considered the dark underside of modern life – loneliness – by donating all profits from the sale of works to The Red Cross’s Telecross - a charity designed to contact the elderly and the housebound across Australia, helping them reintegrate back into the community. [fold] The art of imperfection and unexpected beauty are the driving force behind this multi-faceted exhibition. Coming from an unconventional background in finance and now a renowned fashion photographer and artist, Antoni has worked with some big name publications, top models and celebrities around the world – Rihanna, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar to name a few. Antoni’s iconic shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge for Harper’s 75th anniversary won much acclaim, and he was featured as a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model’s first season. Antoni’s exploration of Wabi Sabi – produced in collaboration with photo editing by Muffie Sproat (Vogue Australia), filmmaker Dimitri Basil, collage artist Mason Mulholland, jewellery designer Paula Walden and 3Deep Design – proves another unique challenge for the ever-prolific artist.

Check it out this afternoon before the weekend starts.

Wabi Sabi shows at Sun Studios from November 2 to 13, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.