It’s always exciting when a new player emerges on the fashion scene, and here at Broadsheet we take a keen interest in documenting their development. The latest to draw our attention is UNIF.M, a Sydney-based label that aims to reinvent our everyday uniform.

Founded by a small team of Sydney creatives, the brand is the result of collaboration between friends and a common desire to rework the basics.

Launching the brand with a small 13-piece collection, UNIF.M’s pieces have been designed to “seamlessly integrate into an existing wardrobe”. The idea is to create a new foundation and complement existing garments and looks. That great fashion quandary of how to design clothes that transition from day to eveningwear has also been addressed.

With a focus on industrial styling, UNIF.M favours heavy-duty materials and construction techniques. Leather, silks and jersey combine to soften the edges and add a subtly luxurious aesthetic. The debut collection, called Preliminaries, features hardwearing essentials like leather pinafores, silk pageboy shirts and leather baseball caps.

It all makes for an interesting concept: a collective of like-minded creative folk redefining the everyday with pared-back, simple solutions. Let the roll call begin.