Strong Brows, Daring Lips

Thick, bold brows have been in vogue since “power brow” poster girl Cara Delevingne grew hers wild and everyone saw the ‘90s for the unseemly, permanently surprised, tweezed- thin decade that it was.

But how do we pair bold brows with bright lips without appearing to be en route to the circus?

For tips we speak to Nicole Thompson from MAC, makeup director for the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Manning Cartell show.

To prepare lips
Dry lips do not look good with lipstick on! Exfoliate your lips before starting and condition them while you are doing the rest of your face.

To make your eyebrows appear thicker
For the tone of shadow or pencil, go one or two shades lighter than your brow hair so the overall look isn’t too strong.

Start by softly brushing on the colour very lightly with an angle brush to create the whole shape. Then come in and add more shadow in a feathery motion brushing upwards to create the look of brow hairs. It can also help to slightly dampen the brush for this step.

Go-to tools for this look
Concealing out the edges of the lips to start to create a smooth blank canvas for is essential. Then line the lips completely with MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry and colour in for a strong, solid base coat. We used a brush to lightly blur and soften the edges of the lips to make the lips appear bigger.

We pressed MAC Pigment in Magenta Madness all the way over the top to seal in the colour and really give that electric velvet opaque look. The finishing touch was Clear Lip Glass all the way over the top.

For cheeks
Keeping the skin looking simple and luminous was the key to this beauty moment being modern and not appearing retro. Keep foundation light and only conceal where needed.

On the cheeks stick to a cream highlighter to give radiance to the skin and keep the focus on the lips and brows.

Smokey Eyes

When it came to eyes at the Alice McCall show, dusty colours were blended and shimmer was added for a smoky disco look. For those of us afraid of sparkles, we gathered tips from Victoria Baron, makeup director for Alice McCall.

To blend shadows
Eye shadows can be quite messy and any fallout can ruin your foundation. If you are using pigments or dusty eye shadows, try doing your eyes first. It’s also important for the longevity of the eye makeup that the lid is free of creams and moisturisers so the shadow doesn’t slip.

A tip for blending colours is to use your darker shades first and the lighter, more metallic tones on top. Don't overuse product. The colours are highly pigmented so it’s not about a lot of product but rather about a lot of blending.

When using shimmer …
To avoid a time warp back to the ‘80s, make sure the shimmer you apply is close to the lash lines. Don’t go getting too big with your shapes, or choose a part of the eye you would like to highlight, for example, the centre of the lid, the inner corners or under the bottom lash line. Use a really small eye-shadow brush for more control. Avoid shimmer under the brows and on the brow bone – keep that area clean and shimmer free.