The influential Australian brand Triangl, the one behind those neon, neoprene swimsuits, has launched a range of swimwear made from Italian velvet. This follows a trend set by US brands such as SKAYA and ZIKA.

While velvet has experienced a renaissance recently, it’s still surprising to see the wintry, opulent fabric on the beach. But it works, and it’s lined with spandex.

The swimsuits are reminiscent of the ’90s; they come in bright colours such as tangerine and lilac and are high-cut. The collection includes the Jarah swimsuit with cut-out sides (and middles) and the Torri full piece, which has a low back and a retro look.

The multimillion-dollar Australian swimwear label launched in December 2012. Erin Deering and her partner Craig Ellis wanted to fill a niche in the market for affordable, fun, quality swimwear.

The range is available online.

And here’s a case for why one-piece swimsuits are the new bikini.

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