The Top Knot seen at Toni Maticevski

1. Massage plumping foam mousse through the hair for increased stability and strength.
2. Working with sections of hair one at a time, use a large flat paddle brush and hairdryer to smooth out your hair. This will accentuate the softness of your hair shape.
3. Sweep hair into a ponytail on top of the head (in the crown area) and secure with a bungee grip or snag-free hair tie (to minimise bumps).
4. Take out a one-centimetre thick strand of hair and wrap around the base of the ponytail and secure with a pin (to conceal the bungee grip).
5. Twist the topknot into your desired shape and pin.
6. Pull out loose ends of hair around the nape of the neck and the hairline.

Let the loose ends fall out freely to add softness to an undone look that is both cool and modern.

The Bardot Pony seen at Macgraw

1. Massage dry shampoo through your hair for added oomph, concentrate on the roots, massaging through until you achieve an overall grittiness.
2. Create the desired part line using a tail comb.
3. Making sure to cover you ears, sweep the hair low, back towards the nape of the neck into a modern, low ponytail.
4. Tightly secure the ponytail in the middle of the nape area.
5. Scrunch your fingers into the roots of your hair to loosen up the crown area and give that extra lift.
6. Tie a silk ribbon around the elastic to complete your ‘60s Bardot-esque pony.

Skip washing your hair the day before you try this style, the dirtier the hair the better.

The Faux Bob seen at Gail Sorronda

1. Straighten the hair from roots to ends using a flat iron.
2. Squeeze a pea-sized dollop of hair serum into your palm and work it
through your hair, roots to ends for a super slick look.
3. Gather the hair into a low pony, secure the tail just below the shoulder
blades using a bungee grip or snag-free elastic.
4. Flick the hair underneath into a tight bevel, rolling it up tight and firm all
the way up to the hairline.
5. Pin the shape of the bevel into the back of the hairline.
6. Apply hairspray to reinforce the architectural shape of the style.

Make sure to leave enough room at the end of the elastic to flick up the hair into a tight bevel. Ensure the hair is super smooth and clean as you are wrapping and skip washing your hair the day before you try this style.

Make-up by Nude by Nature
Model: Kaitlyn from Chadwick Models