We know Sydney men have style. But which style are we talking about? Bearded hipster, grungy indie guy? Maybe. But what about the city gent who wants an exquisite (yet affordable) pair of winter gloves to accompany his beautiful suit, tie and shoes? Melbourne glove designer Aaron Cheung’s got that guy in mind.

“The brand started a few months ago when I was looking for a pair of gloves on a trip to Hong Kong and Hanoi. I wanted something that was really well made with all the killer details, but not over priced,” Cheung says. “Disappointingly, I couldn’t really find anything – not in Australia at least.’’

Cheung began making gloves for friends and family and discovered he had a knack for the finer details. He says he wants to make craftsmanship more available to the Aussie man.

Through a mutual friend, he met his business partner in Hungary, who runs a small workshop where each piece is created by hand. “Most of the details of the gloves, from cutting to sewing, require extensive amounts of handwork to ensure flexibility in the leather,” Cheung says. “For example, the stitches around the fingers are all done by hand to allow for elasticity and movement.’’

The leather is sourced primarily from South America, and while some of his skins are typical of glove design, others are a little more unusual. He uses the skin of a wild boar called a peccary (“peccary is to leather what cashmere is to fabric”) but also the skin of a creature called the carpincho. “The carpincho is a giant rodent, a not so good-looking animal,” Cheung says. “Think of a bulldog-sized guinea pig with spiky hair. They are everywhere in South America, just like kangaroo is everywhere in Australia.”

Cheung’s personal style has been honed during his travels throughout Asia, especially fashion-conscious Hong Kong. “I love colours, I love patterns, but I don’t want to over-stress about the details so much,” he says. "You really have to trust your instinct when it comes to dressing up every day. Ultimately, clothes are to be worn, so you might as well get comfortable in them.’’