Mitch Proctor and Danny McGowen (both 21) grew up in Crows Nest together. They surf together and now they work together on the clothing brand they launched in April 2015.

Proctor is studying psychology and McGowen is a commerce student. They share a keen awareness of mental-health issues and the power of positivity. McGowen’s desire to start a business, and Proctor’s timely return from a trip to Vietnam (where he had a hat custom made), Everything’s Good was born.

The name of the brand was an easy decision. “It just so happens that Mitch was on a break with his girlfriend but he was like, ‘Everything’s good’, and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s true; everything’s good’,” says McGowen.

Their current range of long- and short-sleeved shirts and skater caps features tongue-in-cheek illustrations and pun-filled slogans. The Greasy Sunday design has an assortment of breakfast items – including bacon rashers, fried mushrooms and hash browns – along the arms. The boys say it’s an ode to the morning after. The Get Barrelled shirt features a barrel with a surfer’s legs above, the legrope still attached. Above all, the designs are about making people happy.

“Puns and positivity,” says Proctor. “We want people to see the shirt and smile. Everything might not be good, but there’s a way to see things in a positive light.”

“Happiness is all about perspective,” McGowen adds.

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Everything’s Good is stocked at Surfection in Mosman and the brand has plans to expand to other retailers soon. In the interim, Everything’s Good is at the Brewery Yard Markets on any given weekend.