Australian Fashion Week has come a long way since its inception 20 years ago. It’s the first time we have run with the Resort calendar, evidence enough that the world is watching. Many more foreign accents were overheard in the audience.

While we’ve covered the week that was, it’s time to let Sydney’s leading bloggers do the talking. We chatted to Romy Frydman (Style Me Romy), Sara Donaldson (Harper and Harley) and Talisa Sutton about where fashion’s headed; what we learned; and how we can adapt what we saw on the runway to our daily lives.

Romy Frydman - Style Me Romy

Broadsheet: Highlight show?
Romy Frydman: KitX was so beautiful. The space she showed in [the Paddington Reservoir Gardens] added the most complementary ambiance to the clothes. A combination of the orchestra and Connie [Mitchell of Sneaky Sound System] singing live made it a bewitching show. Rich textures and layered fabric plunging in neckline gave the Resort ’17 collection that hint of allure that Kit does so well.

BS: Snapchat or Instagram?
Frydman: Snapchat, baby!

BS: Best afterparty?
Frydman: The party of fashion week was definitely Dan Single and Bambi [Norwood-Blythe’s] P.Jame. Those cats definitely know how to throw a party. No one got in without wearing a signature pair of their silk classic PJs. It helped everyone have some fun (as did the chilli margaritas).

BS: What were the stand-out trends?
Frydman: For once, a bit of colour, the pops of green in Yeojin Bae were heaven; sexy is back; Dion Lee’s lace-up dresses; lots of slinky material and plunging necklines at KitX.

BS: Funniest thing you overheard or saw at a show?
Frydman: Someone was asked if they were seated in the correct seat, then rattled off my seat number. I didn’t say anything but sat to their left to avoid their embarrassment.

BS: How would you describe your own style?
Frydman: I like to think my style is effortless with a touch of sexy, but that alone is an effort to achieve. So I hope it looks like I don't try too hard. I'm often in jeans, high heels always and classic blazer-shirt combinations.

BS: How do you think Australian fashion is seen internationally?
Frydman: I think anyone respected in the international market has to have something no one else ha. A “wow” factor like Zimmerman, Tome, Dion Lee and Ellery. I believe that’s why these Aussie brands are so sought after internationally.

Sara Donaldson - Harper and Harley, The UNDONE.

BS: Highlight show?
Donaldson: I’m torn between Georgia Alice’s reversed speed-racer runway and the beautiful calm of the Albus Lumen presentation. Both designers are in their infancy so it’s really exciting to see their brands develop.

BS: Snapchat or Instagram?
Donaldson: I’m still a big lover of Instagram, especially our new @theundonestore Instagram feed; however, Snapchat is an amazing tool to develop a more transparent relationship with your audience.

BS: Who is your favourite Australian designer and why?
Donaldson: Going by what I’ve seen so far, Dion Lee’s Resort collection is one of my favourite collections as a whole. It’s very wearable, yet has that construction quality that pushes design, which is what we’re looking for with The UNDONE’s pieces. Our colour palette is quite minimal.

What were the stand-out trends?
Donaldson: Silver metallic fabrications were popping up in a few collections. I think it’s a great way to incorporate grey and neutrals into a summer wardrobe as an alternative to black or white.

BS: Funniest thing you overheard or saw at a show?
Donaldson: There was a skirt in the Next Gen show with dog faces all over it that was pretty funny … not our vibe but it got a smile out of me.

BS: What were you most surprised by over the week?
Donaldson: This fashion week was the first time we were running within the Resort calendar. It would be wonderful to have all the top-tier Australian designers show, and to grow the international buyers and publication list so we’re able to cement Sydney as the city that kicks off the season. However, I think we need to work closer with these designers to work out how to make that happen, whether that be timing, financial or other.

Talisa Sutton - Badlands

BS: Highlight show?
Talisa Sutton: I loved the KitX show and the Albus Lumen presentation – lots of beautiful, wearable pieces for next season. Also, the architectural shapes at Dion Lee.

Who is your favourite Australian designer and why?
Sutton: There are so many brands that I love and that feature heavily in my wardrobe like Ellery, Dion Lee, Camilla and Marc, and Christopher Esber. It would be impossible to choose!

BS: Favourite detail about one of the shows?
Sutton: I loved the set design and furnishing at Albus Lumen, which was done by MCM House. I just moved into a new place this weekend and I can’t wait to add a few pieces to my home.

BS: What were the stand-out trends?
Sutton: I liked the idea of resort layering that came through in a few collections. It was all about pairing black cotton, linen, suede, lace and denim but in an easy, summery way. Anything off-the-shoulder, and of course accessories are also big, whether it be a big hat, statement earrings or neckties.

BS: How would you describe your own style?
Sutton: Classic, easy and minimal.

BS: Fashion week in a word?
Sutton: Caffeine please.

BS: How do you think Australian fashion is seen internationally?
Sutton: I think Australia has developed a great reputation for offering a unique, understated take on fashion. It really comes through in the quality and detailing you see at a lot of the shows. I like to think of it as being quite effortless and subtle.