If you’ve spent any time on the internet lately, you’ve probably come across Biotyspa’s sculpt cup. The opaque silicon tool has repeatedly sold out since launching in 2016. It’s designed to mimic the “palpate and roll” French massage technique, which claims to encourage the movement and elimination of fluid, toxins and water retention.

A few months ago, a Biotyspa body sculpt kit landed on my desk. I was intrigued. I dove into the shower armed with the cup and hydrating shower gel – possibly one of my favourite body washes now – and set to work.

I was a bit naive and definitely should have watched the video tutorial before my hands were too wet to operate my iPhone. The cup seemed to slip too much or suction too hard as the water ran. I battled on for a bit but eventually gave up when I became conscious of my water bill. The people on Tiktok made it seem so easy.

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When Self by The Parlour Room in Sydney’s east added a Biotyspa treatment to its menu, I jumped at the opportunity to chat to founder Deborah Levy and learn more about the brand’s tools and techniques.

After listening to me explain my failed attempt, Levy laughed knowingly and shared her tips. It’s all about getting the right suction (there are three little dots on either side of the cup that you push as you apply the tool to your body) and working your way up to a full routine. She recommends three to five minutes per day but when you’re starting out – even a minute or two is enough to work across the thighs, bum and belly.

I felt motivated to try again at home but was happy to leave it to the professionals for now.

In the 90-minute treatment at Self, a therapist uses the sculpt cup and gua sha to perform lymphatic drainage massage across the face and body. Rather than using water and shower gel for slip, the in-salon experience uses the brand’s dry touch body oil.

Claiming to reduce puffiness and “refine your natural contours”, the treatment draws on techniques that stimulate the lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing waste from the body. It’s recommended for people looking to improve circulation, particularly post-travel. Like any experience at Self, the Biotyspa offering promotes relaxation in a luxe environment and is a nice addition to self-care routines.

Armed with a “new year, new me” mentality, I’m recommitting to using the sculpt kit at home in 2024 – even if it simply serves as a reminder to take a few minutes to be present in my morning shower before rushing out the door each day.

Biotyspa Body Sculpt kit

$135 Biotyspa Body Sculpt kit

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