A man in flawless suit is hard to beat. He is carefully put together but relaxed, sharp and somewhat mysterious. Fashion visionaries like Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) have brought to life the forgotten pleasantry found in a perfectly fitted suit and the efforts of a well-dressed chap. New Sydney-based bespoke menswear label Mister Mister is crafting made-to-measure suits and shirts that are unique to each gentleman. Using a combination of traditional and modern production techniques, Mister Mister’s garments are thoughtful and understated, respecting the philosophy that a man’s actions should define him, instead of his trousers.

Mister Mister is a collaboration between industrial designers Joshua McPherson and Daniel Narvaez. “Men are mechanically minded,” says McPherson. “That is to say, less about costume or detail without purpose.” The duo’s product design background lends them to a less-is-more approach, favouring function over frivolity. “I think it's for this reason we both see clothing a bit differently,” explains McPherson.

Each garment is built from a personalised pattern, following an initial consultation at Mister Mister’s George Street studio and boutique in The Rocks. “No detail is off limits because it’s made by hand,” says McPherson. He and Narvaez have worked to set-up a process that enables flexibility for their clientele. “The pattern is made precisely using the latest equipment, laser cut and archived for future orders.”

According to the Mister Mister team, the value of bespoke suiting is difficult to explain until you truly experience the personalised process. “A pair of trousers or a coat made specifically for your shape just makes you stand taller. And if that's how it makes you feel, that's how it makes you look.”

Mister Mister’s made-to-measure suit and shirt service is available exclusively by appointment.

Mister Mister
31 George Street, The Rocks

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