The team at The Bespoke Corner tailor in Paddington believes it’s not just your custom-made, hand-stitched, Italian-fabric suit that should be comfortable – the experience of having it made should be too.

Within their new appointment-only store in the heart of Paddington’s stylish Five Ways, co-owners Miles Wharton and Rami Mikhael guide customers through the stages of having a garment custom-made – including working out which styles best suit the wearer’s needs, exploring fabric options and undertaking expert fittings. They also ensure the future suit-owner has a great time in the process.

“When we were building this store,” Wharton says of the Glenmore Road space, which recently relocated from its original location around the corner on Regent Street, “we realised that the suit isn’t what they’re coming for. People want service. They’re willing to pay, but they want to be looked after.”

The bar is stocked with Glenfiddich and Balvenie, and there's a selection of cigars to enjoy in the shaded courtyard beyond the building. The walls are adorned with original Helmut Newtown works on loan from nearby Lyons Gallery.

While the fabrics used are all European, sewing work can be carried out in either Italy or China, depending on the customer’s budget. Wharton says that although he and Mikhael pride themselves on a premium experience (and the resulting garments), many customers are surprised that getting a custom-made suit can be affordable.

“When some people first hear the words ‘customisation’ or ‘made in Italy’, they think it’s going to be expensive,” he says. “But we ask them their budget upfront so we’re not showing them stuff that is out of their category.”

All-inclusive custom suits start at around $1200 – fabric and other customisations dependent – which Wharton says is excellent value when you consider the cost of having an off-the-rack suit altered.

Final adjustments are made in-house by Mikhael, an experienced tailor. And everything – from the fit of the bespoke shirts to the locally made cufflinks – can be customised. Mikhael is there from the beginning to offer guidance on, among other things, the most appropriate fabric and styles for the customer’s needs.

“Every material works differently,” Mikhael says. “If you’re in and out of cars all day, you don’t want to be in a fine cloth. You want to be in something that’s going to be breathable but also durable.”

And while Covid has seen a decline in the number of people wearing suits to the office, The Bespoke Corner has adapted to offer a broader range of custom-made clothes.

“Everyone went from the business environment and wearing suits to being a bit more casual. We needed to evolve, so now we offer everything from custom-made linen joggers to cashmere tracksuits, all handmade in Italy.”

The store also offers Roja men’s perfumes, Italian-made leather shoes, locally sewn pocket squares and a host of other gentlemen’s apparel.

“People want value for money but they also wanted to be appreciated,” says Wharton. “Everyone wants to be individual. They don’t want to go into a shop and pick something off the rack and deal with someone that’s going to tell them they look great even if they don’t.”

The Bespoke Corner
223 Glenmore Road, Paddington
1800 875 699

Mon to Fri 8am–6pm
Sat 8am–3pm