There's nothing quite like the Sydney Fish Markets at dawn. Broadsheet photographer Jiwon Kim took the early shift (4am) to see the distinct fish-monger uniforms at play in the auction rooms, which attract 160 buyers each day who are all allocated a seat, desk and electronic bidding pad to make their offers. What does one wear to pull off the very physical job of handling 1,000 crates of fish an hour? The result is a swathe of utilitarian rubber boots and gloves (the salt water is harsh on skin) and high-vis, which rarely see the light of day outside of works hours – some salesmen told us the smell can take weeks to wash out.

Parker Blain visited the market in the afternoon to capture the more leisurely side: what the customers wear to buy fish. Busy shoppers (mostly Asian tourists jostling to get a front-row look at the largest fish display of its kind in the southern hemisphere) opted for Adidas streetwear, denim cut offs, tartan, embellished Gucci bags and bucket hats.