It’s just starting to get to that time of year where we seem to be carting an umbrella around with us everywhere where we go. And while it’s undoubtedly a local pastime to grumble about the weather, for the past couple of years Wet & Wendy have been encouraging us to embrace the elements.

The designer behind Wet & Wendy, Anna Martino, takes the classic raincoat and makes it a little more interesting. Bright colours and thoughtful styles elevate the 100 per cent waterproof weatherwear for women and men beyond a point of mere functionality.

A range of new styles and colours has been introduced for the coming winter. The cute Mini Cape might not be overly practical being cropped and sleeveless, but could be useful for light showers. More heavy-duty and definitely useful is the Rain Cape. A long back and elasticised sides make it perfect for ensuring a dry bike ride home, even in a thunderstorm.

But wet weather protection isn’t just about raincoats – umbrellas are pretty vital too. Wet & Wendy are onto it with three different sizes and styles. The Petit Long Brella has a traditional curved handle, but its small size makes it easy to carry around. The Folding Brella does just that – folds up for easy storage – while the Gents Brella is a larger option, with both curved and straight handles available. All come in a variety of colours as well as a whimsical rain drip print.

No excuses, then, for getting caught in the rain this winter – Wet & Wendy have got you covered.

Wet & Wendy are available online and at Fat and Incu stores.

We have a Wet & Wendy raincoat to giveaway. To win email us at with your preferred style and colour and the subject ‘Wet & Wendy Weatherwear’. This competition has now closed.