Pip Vassett knows about clothes. The former fashion director of Yen magazine (she’s still a contributing editor at the title) and freelance stylist for editorial, musicians and advertising has been immersed in the fashion world for seven years now. But it turns out that she has another passion. “As I’ve gotten older, gotten my own place, and suddenly somewhere in my mid-20s started caring what my home looked like, the home and homewares have become a bit of an obsession of mine!” she admits.[fold]

Vassett is the founder of the recently launched online store IN BED, which aims to provide luxurious, but ultimately unobtrusive – “quietly cool” was Vassett’s phrase – pieces for the modern bedroom. The collection includes the softest of French linens, stone-washed and dyed in a range of classic colours, cashmere and cotton throws (the latter doubles as a beach towel), and a curated edit of homewares from around the world, designed to enhance those elusive breakfast-in-bed moments.

“I remember one day I was looking for some bed linen – just good fabrics and colours, nothing fussy, nothing too trend focused and nothing painfully expensive,” Vassett says. “ There wasn’t a whole lot around and definitely nothing that I felt really spoke to me as a brand. And so I thought that there was really room for a bedding brand that was somewhere between cheap and cheerful and super high-end.”

After some good old-fashioned research (“a lot of Googling and cold calling people,” says Vassett), she found a small group of select suppliers of cashmere, linen and cotton willing to work with her new brand. When it came to the homewares, Vassett was already a fan of CARA’s wooden tableware, and found the Recreation Center bowls and mugs “via a very long Instagram trail”. The resulting offering is small but perfectly formed, with an air of intimate curation.

To complement the online store’s distinct aesthetic, Vasset sought out photographer Terence Chin to lens IN BED’s first campaign. The images – all rumpled sheets and relaxed styling – star a fresh-faced Rachel Rutt, peering out cheekily from beneath the covers.

Following on from the brand’s successful launch won’t be easy, but Vassett is brimming with ideas. The impending launch of IN BED journal – offering original editorial content and behind the scenes glimpses – and even an IN BED short film are all on the cards. For the brand’s second season Vassett has envisaged a warmer, winter-friendly collection. “We’ll be adding some moody winter colourways and also some great blankets and more cashmere,” she says, “bedding that you just want to crawl up in and go to sleep in!” In short, the perfect setting for a lazy weekend spent in bed.