The idea for Captain Sip Sop's barbershop and outfitters was conceived in the shallow end of a pool bar in the Caribbean, late 2010. Owner Malakai Mitchell opened the doors to his barbershop in Noosa two years later and now, since teaming up with Sydney-based business partner Scott McGrath, the second incarnation has just set up shop in the salty heart of Manly.

The idea combines a meticulous barbering experience with a super laid-back atmosphere. The guys have created a space that feels like a 1970s surf shop transplanted into a sleek, inner-city art studio. The space has polished hardwood floors and is furnished with a longboard rack full of Thomas Surfboards. On display are clothes by Deus, Herschel knapsacks and comfy tiki couches – haircuts might not be the only thing on offer here, but they are clearly the most important.

McGrath says, “We wanted to make people feel they can come in for a full, slick back, low-fade number, a corporate short back or a cut-throat shave and sides and just feel like they’re hanging out with mates. Oh, and good tunes.”

With the shop only a tidy five-minute walk from Manly beach, McGrath goes on to describe Sip Sop’s as a classic barbershop where patrons can, “Talk surf, get a legit cut or shave with a lemon citrus hot towel – not another stuffy hairdressers you just can’t wait to get out of.”

The Captain encourages both walk-ins and appointments with plenty of space on the board rack should you come straight from the surf.

Captain Sip Sop’s Barbershop and Outfitters
32 Pittwater Road, Manly

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