For a brand synonymous with bold designs that pop with colour at the mere hint of light, turning a hand to black and white was a brave choice for the duo behind Dinosaur Designs. But as Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy reinterpreted their usual casting process for their latest collection – throwing colour out the window in favour for a monochrome palette – they stumbled upon the purity of paring back in the process.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Jackson Pollock, the collection entitled The Art of Black & White uses delicate and painterly techniques to render the contrasting tones together. In some pieces the speckled and splashed Pollock-esque effect stands out in polar white on pure black, while in others it’s the swirling convergence of the two that creates an explosive pearl effect.

It’s hard not to notice the individual forms that are created via each clash. To Olsen, the process of reducing elements to black and white allowed the form and casting of each individual piece to be stand out.

“You really understand how each piece is one of a kind and handmade,” he says.

The result is an aesthetic that is a pure product of the process. If you’re a fan of unique design, these pieces are its embodiment.