If Tumblr can be an indication of the scope of anyone’s creativity, both Desert Designs and Siberia Records inhabit an infectious universe of vivid colour, bright lights and vast alien landscapes – equally worthy of scrolling for hours. Fitting then, that the fashion label and record label have combined forces to forge a new creative hub – a shop, studio and listening station on Regent Street in Sydney’s Chippendale. Featuring records, patterned garments both available to buy, a cat called Cat and a dog called Gideon, the Siberia Records and Desert Designs concept store is brightening up an otherwise greyish segment of the city.

The Siberian Desert collaboration came together rather organically – director of Siberian Records and Midnight Juggernauts drummer Dan Stricker’s partner is Sydney based artist Jedda-Daisy Culley, one half of the designer duo now behind Desert Designs. The other half is Caroline Sundt-Wels, who invites us into the store to relax on a large cream coloured shag pile rug with Cat and Gideon. On display is the Desert Designs current collection Increase the Acid – super bright silks and cottons, all of which attribute their patterning to the work of the late Australian artist Jimmy Pike.

A selection of vinyl and artist merchandise from Siberia is also available, showcasing some of the latest from Midnight Juggernauts as well as Kirin J Callinan and Melbourne based Forces. The store also features Venice jewellery by now London based Venice Rish, all from her most recent collection, Magellanic Cloud.

Siberia Records x Desert Designs Concept Store
81 Regent Street, Chippendale

Mon-Sat 11am – 5pm