Finding a pair of shoes that expresses your inner individual has just become a little easier, thanks to Melbourne-based label, Elect Footwear.

Launched in 2013 by pals Adam Rogers and Ryan Hobart, Elect is a virtual bespoke portal that allows you to create your own personalised pair of shoes. You decide on everything from the leather right down to the lining and the eyelets for your laces.

The duo met while working at Brand Collective, a lifestyle house that represents some of the biggest names in shoes, such as Julius Marlow, Hush Puppies and the classic Dunlop Volley. Here, while cutting their teeth on the ins and outs of the footwear trade, from product development to manufacturing, they spotted a gap in the market for quality footwear that gave the consumer aesthetic control.

“Elect was born to let people decide for themselves what they want to wear,” says Rogers.

The process is simple. Begin by choosing from a series of staple shapes that include classic low cuts or chukka boots. Then, pick from an assortment of leathers, finishes, dyes and finer details. A 3D-modelling system means you get a good idea how the final product will look from all angles.

Because of the variety and level of detail available in the design process, each pair of Elect shoes is individual. You’re more likely to bump into your doppelganger than you are someone with the same pair of sneakers.

“For the first time, people have choice to create more casual footwear that isn't too sporty, or a dressy shoe that still comes across as urban or contemporary. There is a lot more room to play and express personal style.”