When Imby Langenbach had neck surgery three years ago, she crafted a simple clutch so she didn’t strain her neck carrying a giant handbag. Since then it has grown into the label, Karmme.

The Karmme clutch collections are created from shibori leather. Shibori is a technique of hand binding and dying. Because of the nature of leather’s texture, all pieces are completely unique.

When Langenbach received a shibori kit for her birthday, she booked a workshop with Shibori Studio in Stanmore. She met owners Pepa Martin and Karen Davis and saw their work with leather firsthand. “I asked to take a piece to play with and we all loved how it transformed into a clutch. We continued to work on designs and colours that we loved and it’s resulted in five unique ranges added to the Karmme line-up,” says Langenbach.

The collaborators have released four designs. Glacial & Azure are in stunning indigo and crisp white. Belief is a grey-and-white range, and monochromatic Dream is a watercolour range.

Buy Karmme online at karmme.com.au.