We’ve been eagerly awaiting a new collection from the 24-year-old Emma Mulholland ever since she enchanted us with her debut collection at the 2011 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.

Despite her debut collection’s positive reception, news began to spread that Mulholland did not intend on creating an AW12 collection, breaking hearts along the way. In an attempt to help Mulholland harness her new momentum, The Grand Social offered to stock her capsule collection. And thus, those who have patiently waited will be duly rewarded.

Indeed, Mulholland has created a striking range dubbed Tropical Rebel, touching on key inspirations we saw in her graduate work – the life within the sea. But Mulholland’s underwater adventure isn’t just a bright, shiny colour-party. It’s also home to some of the world’s most sleek and savvy predators. In fact, the collection pivots around a print of the world’s most feared underwater creature: the great white shark.

As we’ve seen from her SS11/12 collection, Mulholland can’t stay away from bright colours. But with Tropical Rebel she delivers a palette well suited for the winter aesthetic, utilising black as the base for most pieces.

Drawing from cultural inspirations like Courtney Love and movies like The Craft and Poison Ivy, Tropical Rebel is reminiscent of 90s grunge and goth fashion.

All in all, the collection is more subdued than her previous work, but still paints a vibrant image of life and embraces a bold aesthetic.

Tropical Rebel will be available exclusively through The Grand Social from tomorrow, Tuesday March 6.