If you’ve ever found yourself in need of emergency underwear – maybe you forgot to bring spares to the gym, or perhaps you didn’t go home last night and need a fresh pair, stat (no judgement here) – you’ll no longer have to make a last-minute dash to the closest Kmart to pick up a new set. Grocery delivery platform Milk Run has partnered with Sydney sustainable-underwear brand Boody to get you a fresh set of knickers in 10 minutes or less.

Men’s and women’s underwear, in Boody’s signature bamboo fabric, is available on the app. For the men, there’s Boody’s original boxers, while women can choose between G-strings and bikini briefs, as well as crop-top bras. Soon, socks and trunks will also be available to buy via the app. Once you’ve placed your order, your unmentionables will be packed on an electric bike and in your hot little hands before you can say “can anyone else feel that breeze?”.

Boody isn’t the only Sydney brand on Milk Run. You can also order Sonoma sourdough, bagels from Shuk, Fabbrica heat-and-eat pasta kits, Bennett St Dairy cookie dough and Westmont pickles. And if you’re in a sans-undies situation, there’s plenty of other stuff you can order that might come in handy: toothpaste, Berocca, deodorant, tampons and dry shampoo. Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and St Ali coffee beans are also available on the platform.