Some of the best business ideas come from personal experience. For Jacqui Scruby and Zoe Dent – friends and now, collaborators – it was the trials and tribulations of setting up a house from scratch that inspired the birth of their online registry, The Wedding Nest.

“I’d just got back from London and bought an apartment with my fiancé so we had nothing!” Scruby recalls. “I was hugely disappointed with the registry offerings. I wanted all the designer homewares I was seeing in magazines, but no registry had them… I wanted boutique designer brands, one-offs from exotic places or beautiful things that weren’t ‘branded’.”

After discovering that Dent shared her vision – “her ‘dream home’ folder has the same magazine clippings as mine!” Scruby says – the two launched The Wedding Nest and set out about establishing a registry business that stood out from its competitors. “The main difference is our style proposition,” Scruby says. “We believe that a couple’s wedding registry should ‘style their home’.”

To that end, the website offers product sorted loosely into what Scruby and Dent have identified as the four most prevalent interior decorating styles; French, Beach, Eclectic and Contemporary. “Zoe and I do all the selecting,” Scruby says, “basically our process is, ‘do we want it in our home?’” An extensive range of boutique and designer brands – their exclusive labels include Uashmama, Mateus Ceramics and Lumiere Art & Co – ensure that each registry looks different, with the kind of personal touches that make gift-giving so exciting. Scruby and Dent also offer their personal styling services in order to help couples achieve their perfect interior look.

The result is a wedding registry that feels less like a registry and more like a hand-chosen selection from a stylish, tasteful and, of course, incredibly thoughtful friend. And when you consider how hands-on both Scruby and Dent are, it become clear that this is exactly what The Wedding Nest is.