Local streetwear label P.A.M has just revealed its third collaboration with Carhartt WIP, the youth culture and fashion-focused arm of the heritage American work wear company.

The unisex collection of tees and hoodies takes its inspiration from a form of short-wave radio communication that emerged in the 1940s (and became popular in Australia in the ’70s) called citizen band radio – CB radio for short.

P.A.M designers Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach call CB Radio “pre-internet social media”, connecting anonymous users through a shared radio channel. So how does that translate into clothing?

Take a look at the collection’s graphic shirts, which draw on the visuals of radio calling cards. CB radio gave birth to at-home radio stations. Users with names such as Cup Cake or Lady T-Bone would promote their station with a physical card confirming their call sign. Those cards were often decorated with original graphics and text.

“Some of the graphics are killer, and all the more fantastic ‘cause they are done by the radio enthusiast and not a graphic designer or marketing company,” Toohey says.

The collaboration is available here.

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