Spring and autumn aren’t actually real seasons. There’s only summer and winter, and the turf war in-between that happens twice a year. Aside from the fashionable joys of the racing season, the result is a whole lot of unstable weather. Time to whip out one’s Wet & Wendy brolly!

Forget that feeble, crumpled old brolly when it starts pouring. Wet & Wendy’s umbrellas are very easy on the eye, the wallet and – most importantly – will not crumple and flip inside out in a breeze.

The latest offerings from Wet & Wendy include a line of brollies called ‘Love the Race’, which, somewhat appropriately, feature an optional lucky-horseshoe print on the Petit Long and the Slimline umbrellas. A unisex black number with gold detail and framing also features, as does a vintage-inspired ‘sunbrella’ for when the sun and drizzle battle it out.

The classics have also been updated with an array of new colours. The Folding and the Petit Long umbrellas are available in plain designs with a contrast panel, or with the signature raindrop design. Colour combinations include navy and light pink, pink and blue, yellow and light blue and light pink and orange, but also a black and grey option too.

The umbrellas range in length from 24 centimetres to 92 centimetres when folded, so it’s easy to find something suitable to any handbag situation. Items are available online, at most Incu stores and a variety of other stockists in Victoria and Tasmania. You’ll probably stop bothering to check the rain forecast with one of these bad boys at your disposal.