Just because your socks spend the majority of their time tucked away in your shoes or stashed away in a drawer, doesn't mean they should play second fiddle to everything else in your wardrobe. Here are some socks we think you should pull up to keep your toes warm this winter.

Happy Socks
These socks do exactly what they claim – they make you happy. Founded by two Swedish gentlemen on a gloomy spring day amongst cherry trees and berry bushes, Happy Socks turn an everyday essential into a source of joy with their clever combination of colours, materials and textures. These are definitely not your dad’s work socks. The punch of colours (not unlike liquorice allsorts) will make you want to flaunt your socks, at least just a little bit.


Hansel from Basel
This independent, LA-based company turns the concept of legwear on its head, making subtle pieces that become the centrepiece of an outfit instead of focusing on their primary function to keeping your legs warm. Hansel from Basel makes affordable statement socks and tights suitable for all seasons. While being on the other side of the globe means we are always going to get collections for the wrong season, Hansel’s cute socks are perfect for any time of year. Keep an eye out online for their regular ‘Sock of the Month’ choices for a great bargain.


You couldn’t blamed for thinking these Solmate socks are Coogi sweater spin-offs or perhaps a side project by Ken Done. But the label behind these technicolour knits was in fact owned and founded by American sock lady Marianne Wakerlin. Not only do they look like those crocheted blankets your grandmother used to make, they feel just as warm and cosy. Solmate’s motto is “life’s too short for matching socks”, so don’t worry if your washing machine has a habit of eating up a sock every now and then, leaving you with 10 pairs of lonesome, pair-less socks. Solmate socks are practically made to be mismatched, and we think they look better that way!


We Love Colours
Sometimes all you need is basic pair of socks, but one that comes in all the colours of the rainbow. This is where you have a trawl through We Love Colours and their choice of 51 solid colours. Apart from being durable, their nylon socks are just the right thickness to wear throughout all the seasons. They also have an amazing ‘Splash Colours’ range in tights as well as socks. The multicolour tie-dye line is guaranteed to brighten up any gloomy day.