Adriana Giuffrida and Brendan Huntley go way back. So sooner or later a collaboration was going to happen. Over dinner one night, Giuffrida handed some modelling wax to Huntley, and by the end of the meal, the pendant design was complete. “I’ve always admired her work,” says Huntley, “but when she explained the title and concept of the Ti Amo range, it made perfect sense to work together because we’ve often bonded over our Italian heritage.”

Ti Amo (“I love you” in Italian) inspired Huntley to create the double-heart link design, which is the focus for the earrings, necklace and ring pieces in the collection. You don’t have to be in love to rock the jewellery, though. Huntley says they’re for, “Anyone on the search for love and others who have found it.”

As a painter and sculptor, Huntley found moulding the wax quite similar to his usual practice. “Like clay, it picks up every little touch, squish and mark,” says Huntley. Giuffrida adds, “And if you look really carefully, you can see his fingerprints on the links.”

The pendants are made from brass and then plated to keep them light enough to wear comfortably. The rings are made of sterling silver which has been treated with an oxidising process. The POMS x Brendan Huntley collection is available online as well as in-store at Pet Shop Girls in Melbourne. A smaller range can also be found at Brie Leon in Sydney.