When we think of designer Elke Kramer, the word innovation comes to mind; her jewellery is always recognisable and has a particular aesthetic. This season she has reinvigorated her brand in collaboration with stylist David Bonney and photographer Christopher Morris.

Kramer has created a jewellery collection inspired by the skin. The delicate nature of the body’s largest organ has inspired the subtle, rounded collection, Paradigm.

This collection marks a new direction for Kramer, embracing a more sensual and subtle vibe than before. Previously, Kramer’s work had an edgy look, with chunky, brightly coloured pieces. To keep her brand evolving, she’s introducing pastels and spongy textures to her repertoire.

Black-, white- and navy-marbled beads are linked by gold and brass chains. A delicate silver bar necklace is made sculptural with a single black-and-white bead at either end. The campaign shows a woman in various states of undress with golden skin and messy hair, dressed in a champagne-sand colour and grey, which complement the pieces.