Running from exercise class to work to drinks to dinner, it helps to have one bag that manages to be useful and look respectable in all scenarios.

With their new label OVERT, Lauren Kozica and Sarah Saxty seek to solve this problem with a keen eye for both form and function.

Although Kozica and Saxty both hail from Australia, they met for the first time in their current base – New York. Kozica has a background in wholesale fashion sales and brand consulting, while Saxty has worked in buying, product development and trend research. Kozica says their new label is, “Based around city living and inspired by our combined experiences and busy schedules.”

OVERT is launching with just one product, the Noho Bag, designed to act as, “a 24-hour companion” for girls about town. A combination of backpack, tote, and clutch, the Argentinian leather and flight nylon bag sports backpack straps, a top handle for one-arm carrying and a removable front pouch. Designed to accommodate a yoga mat and a laptop among other things, the idea is to have one bag to fit your life into.

Already OVERT has sold out its first delivery, something Kozica thinks speaks to the idea that, “everyone can relate to the lifestyle that OVERT portrays, in one way or another.” Let’s face it, we’d all like to be a little more organised.

The Noho Bag is available to order at