Choosing the right frames for your face is one of the most personal style choices around. There are so many factors that come into play – face shape, design, colour, tint – all heightened in importance by the fact that a pair of specs is often the first thing somebody notices about you when they look into your eyes. Not to mention the overblown prices that you expect to face if you’re after good quality.

Oscar Wylee’s classic eyewear takes all this into account with specs that are reminiscent of a refined, sophisticated age. Round frames contrast with subtly squared angles while tortoiseshell finishes are a frequent tonal feature. Italian materials are used to craft each artisanal style.

Those not in need of prescription eyewear are cared for too with the launch of the Oscar Wylee Sun collection this month. Wonderfully reasonable in price, they’ll be kind to your wallet, just in time for the Australia’s pounding summer rays.

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