Affordable, flattering and frequently updated. Local label Nice Martin’s formula is working. In the two years since it launched it has attracted 30,000 Instagram followers and opened a shopfront in Paddington, a stone’s throw from Glenmore Road’s The Intersection, a strip that’s home to some of Australia’s best boutiques.

The brand is known for linen jumpsuits in the perfect shade of blush pink, wide-leg pants and easy shirting. Everything is comfortable, made for everyday and clearly designed by women. And for those into online shopping, there’s always something new.

“Instead of dropping big ranges all at once, we wanted to come up with something exciting, keep it fresh,” says one half of the label, Jody Feldhofer. “Jess [Cadby, business partner] and I get sick of things quite quickly. We figured everyone was similar, so we starting releasing two or three styles each week. It worked really well for us so we just continued doing it.”

They are excited to bring the production of their premium range, Martin, to Australia next year, something they’ve always wanted to do. Fabric will be sourced from Alexandria and manufacturing will happen in the western suburbs. “Our factory in Indonesia has done such an amazing job, but we want to bring more business into Australia. More people are buying locally – I hope manufacturing grows stronger here,” says Feldhofer.

The label represents the good health Australian fashion is in. “There’s been a lot of support from everyone since we opened. I think they are excited to see small, boutique-y brands come back to the area,” says Feldhofer. “Paddington had a lull, but now there’s a lot of different stores here,” says Calder. “The area was always our number-one pick when we were looking to open a store and it’s worked out really well.”

Apart from shopping at favourite brands Bassike and Lee Matthews down the road, the team often eats lunch on Fridays at Love Supreme. Feldhofer’s favourite pizza there is cheese and olive. They also frequent Jackie’s and The Village Inn for drinks.

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The store is painted white, with two racks of clothes on opposite walls, beige dressing-room curtains and a few key pieces of Totem Road furniture, also based in Paddington. “We love their concept, they are an ethical brand as well. We send people up there if we can – and vice versa, they are super supportive of us.”

The store stocks a few other items exclusively, namely LOQ shoes from Los Angeles, a brand Solange Knowles thrust into the limelight when she wore them in two of the videos for her 2017 album A Seat at the Table, and Overose candles from Paris that come in a shade of pink to match the jumpsuits.

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