Luxury French fashion house Céline has opened a second Australian store, in Sydney’s Westfield Shopping Centre. The first Australian flagship opened in Melbourne’s Chadstone shopping centre last year.

Founded in 1945 by Céline Vipiana, and owned by global luxury conglomerate LVMH group, today the creative direction is steered by Phoebe Philo.

The store looks somewhat incongruous under the same roof as high-street chains Aquila and Bardōt in the city.

Volume, clean lines and pared-back simplicity have always been hallmarks of Philo’s work. Her designs create a porthole into the past, but also push the fashion house forward.

The flagship has opened with the winter 2017 collection, as well as a range of ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. Browse tailored white shirts with oversized lapels, crisp dark suits designed to be worn baggy, burgundy woollen dresses and statement pearl earrings.

Beautiful leathers, handled by skilled artisans in an unfussy manner, mean prices are in the thousands. But what you’re buying is timeless clothing and accessories that will remain in your wardrobe well into old age, before being passed down the line to someone else.

With 140 stores around the world, the design of each has the same attention to detail. The Sydney store combines raw materials and black metal hanging rails, which are brightened by a stone floor in grey terrazzo. With 186 square metres of space, a central sculpture wall divides each room.

Danish artist FOS designed bespoke objects for the store including mirrors; a jewellery table; a sunglasses and jewellery display case; and a large seating area in ceramic and wood. There are also podiums of onyx, fired terracotta, hand-carved lime wood and industrial chipboard mixed in with foliage.

Céline, Westfield Sydney
Shop 4009/1188 Pitt Street
(02) 923207051

Fri to Wed 9.30am–7pm
Thu 9.30am–9pm