Looking through Eat.Me.Do's colourful Etsy shop, you might do a double take and for a second wonder why on earth someone is selling a single pretzel or a piece of toast with jam in an online marketplace. These scrumptious-looking things are in fact painted clay, strung on metal chains to make some of the most mouth-watering pieces of jewellery we've seen in a while.

Lara Ivachev is the Melbourne-based designer behind Eat.Me.Do, a label that does away shiny bangles and bling, instead preferring the aesthetics of the handcrafted, even if it does take the form of clay donuts, chocolate chip cookies and Froot Loops.

“I usually don't plan to design each individual piece, I usually just think of some form of food I love and, boom, I let it come to life,” she says.

Graduating university with an advertising degree, Ivachev spent some time sledding through the Norwegian woods before coming back home in search of a way to express her creativity and making a job out of it. Eat.Me.Do came to fruition several months ago and since then, the jewellery label has been making the rounds on the design market circuit, as well as selling at Emerging Melbourne in Melbourne Central and on Etsy.

Judging by the majority of her designs, it would be easy to assume that Ivachev has a big sweet tooth. She is, however, branching out to more savoury nibbles, recently adding dumplings, baked beans and even hotdogs to her clay-moulded repertoire.

“My inspirations come from anywhere,” says Ivachev. “Whenever I'm out, eating or doing the groceries I'm constantly being inspired to create new and wonderful wearable foods.

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“I can't resist the gorgeous colours, shapes and tastiness of the endless beads I can create.”

Unsurprisingly, the backyard studio Ivachev works out of operates somewhat like a kitchen. Once she finishes moulding the miniscule beads by hand, the designer puts everything in an oven before she paints and assembles the pieces to create her decidedly tasty jewellery

Asked if there has been any food that doesn't quite translate to clay, she replies: “Whipped cream. Never try and make that by hand. It's a nightmare.”

A wearable serving of bangers and mash, however, is a whole different story.

Next on the menu for summer will be juicy fruit pieces, as well as a banana split with the works.