Anyone who has had a bad hair day will be able to tell you the importance of not only having great hair, but the luxury of having the right kind of space in which to have it tended to. And no one knows this better than hairdresser Leonard Mattis, having just expanded his boutique hair studio in Surry Hills.

“I think it’s pretty important to create that environment where you can be creative. Everyone who works here is self-employed, so we can take the time we need,” says Mattis of the space. “If we want to take two hours with a client, we can.”

Officially launched this week, the new salon is in the same house in Surry Hills, but this time it’s downstairs – and its clean lines and white finishes were designed by Mattis himself.

“I’m a big fan of the 70s and a lot of the styling and the lines are retro-inspired. It’s been a seven-month process and the nice thing about it is that clients have been able to see it unfold, so the launch was a chance to celebrate that.” Consultations are still one on one, making the experience intimate and luxurious. The space also features works by local artists Dion Hortsman and Lexi Land, with future plans for art exhibitions in the space, starting in September.

The space might be just downstairs, but it’s a whole new experience.

Leonard Mattis Studio
8 Fitzroy Place, Surry Hills
0413 398 759

By appointment only.