What do punk rock and innovative dying techniques have in common? The next pair of must-have jeans about to be released by denim couturiers, Neuw, that’s what.

Known for taking traditional denim cuts and reworking them with contemporary twists, Neuw co-founders and designers, Richard Bell and Par Lundqvist, have a reputation for being two of the most innovative purveyors of jeans in Australia today. And with this season’s latest drop of goods, with the inimitable name Black Rope, they’re breaking the mould while maintaining their dedication to denim’s rich history.

An homage to the early days of punk, Black Rope looks back to a time when the clothes were only as tough as the people who wore them. For this range, Lundqvist, also Neuw’s creative director, has used a new approach to applying the denim’s dye. Instead of overdying the entire garment as was done to achieve that iconic, monochrome black, each thread in the Black Rope range is individually coasted with a black wax over a base colour of either a traditional indigo or more contemporary grey. Along with affording the jeans an unusual texture, with regular wear and as the wax gradually fades away, the result is a pair of jeans that eventually reveals a different colour thread underneath.

This range combines the best features from a range of denim styles. These jeans have the same rich colour as raw denim – including the long-term colour fade effect – and are already as comfortable as your old faithful pre-washed jeans. They are also available in all of Neuw’s iconic fits.

The Black Rope range will be hitting Neuw stores later this month.