When tossing up between spending your Saturday morning either getting your nails done, sleeping in, or having a lazy brunch, option A comes last. It’s not that getting your nails done is unpleasant or undesired, but waiting in line for 25 minutes in a packed salon on the weekend isn’t very fun.  

Amy Pragnell understands your dilemma. She’s recently launched the cheekily titled Nailed at Work, a service for busy women who like to make the best use of their lunch break. Pragnell will come to your office and in 25 minutes give you (and your colleagues) a salon-quality shellac or regular manicure. “It buys [women] time,” says Pragnell. “It is so convenient for them.” Pragnell’s previous job was in marketing in Sydney and then London. “It was a fast-paced job. I worked long hours and things like getting my nails done was a massive chore.” She also does manicure stations for events: hens’ nights, weddings, launches.

She’s relaxed, professional, immediately makes you feel comfortable and is a great conversationalist. There are multiple options to choose from – the Oprah Winfrey includes a nail tidy, hand massage and regular nail polish; the Queen Elizabeth II is the same but with Shellac; and the Gwyneth Paltrow uses non-toxic, vegan polish. Pragnell says the latter is “better for you – it doesn’t have the five chemicals most polishes have. It isn’t tested on animals and the base coat is oxygenating, meaning it lets your nails breathe while you have the polish on them.”

There’s also the George Clooney, a male manicure (sans polish) and add-ons, including French tips (Coco Chanel); Shellac removal (Maggie Thatcher) and nail art (Dame Edna Everage). Nail trends Pragnell’s seeing at the moment are beige, because it suits everyone, and deep purple and brown for winter.


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