All of us have moments when we wish we were somewhere else. It might be on the way to the office, or during a particularly dreary winter’s day, but often the vision involves some combination of sunshine, beaches, cocktails and no schedules. Enter designers Zoe and Jimi Paul, better known as the minds behind Bali-based fashion label Mister Zimi, with a gorgeous Balinese villa that could have come straight out of a daydream.

“We wanted to create a villa that represented our style – the style of Mister Zimi,” says Zoe. “We wanted easy, open living that could be closed off if necessary. We wanted a low-maintenance garden and the villa to be a blank canvas that we could fill with colour to create our own style on. We basically gutted the place and started again, as well as extended. It’s simple and inviting.”

The Mister Zimi style is clear throughout the three-bedroom villa, with bright furnishings, gorgeous pastel purple and blue feature walls in the two double bedrooms and a beautiful mural of Mexican otomi in the children’s room. The husband-and-wife duo also took on the role of furniture designers. “We made everything in the villa from scratch. It was such a fun process to design furniture as a change from clothing,” says Zoe.

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While the designers are currently based in Melbourne they call the villa home for around four months of the year. For the rest of the year they make sure that guests who rent their villa feel welcome and cared for with a villa manager and a child-friendly, fenced-in pool. A babysitter and driver are available on request.

Their attention to detail is paying off. “Originally we were making it just for ourselves, but after seeing a gap in the market, we have turned it into a holiday villa, and it’s working amazingly well. Every customer that has stayed has asked to book again for next year!”

The villa sleeps five adults and one child and costs $190 per night, year round. For more information visit: