For Melbourne designer James Andrianakis, launching a men’s lifestyle brand had to start with shorts. Not just any shorts either. Shorts that combined all the elements that made him tick – art, fashion, design, fun and detail.

“That’s the core of it,” he admits, attaching swing tags to the debut range from his label, Made By Jimmy, two days out from release. “When it comes to beautiful products, it’s all in the detail and the label really had to have that.”

Andrianakis is no stranger to detail. Director of design and print company Sixth Dimension, he’s positioned eight years of design and product experience firmly behind Made By Jimmy. The result is a range of adventurous and beautifully crafted shorts with subtle details and an unapologetic use of colour. Designed for easy wearing, the shorts have the flexibility to function as either swim shorts of fashion shorts – a gap in the market Andrianakis identified a decade ago when he initially began sketching designs.

“I noticed there were either brands dedicated to the beach or those focused on street wear,” he says. “There was no fusion between the two lifestyles.”

Made By Jimmy bridges this gap by actively shying away from a board short pigeonhole, using digital prints and geometric designs on quick dry quality fabrics.

“It’s not that my shorts aren’t for the beach because they are,” he explains. “But I want Made By Jimmy to be about all dudes, not just beach going dudes.”

Andrianakis has undergone a sharp learning curve with celebrated Melbourne designer and friend Arthur Galan proving a guiding hand from the outset. “Arthur was really generous with his time, resources and knowledge,” he explains. “Without his initial help it would have been incredibly hard.”

Not that Andrianakis has shied away from the often grinding work of launching a label. He spent almost 18 months locating a small manufacturer in Coburg, working and learning with pattern makers, Melbourne fabric wholesalers and digital printers to get the colours right.

“The shorts are so colour specific,” he says. “Colour is significant because it gives gents the opportunity to be a bit more adventurous where they might not ordinarily be. It’s an anything goes area really.”

Neon stitching and pocket detailing heighten an already energetic aesthetic and are capped by drawstrings sourced from Japan.

Sublimation, a print process allowing photographic images to refer to fabric, was used to produce the range. Images of rosellas, cockatoos and galahs wrap around the short and incorporate a uniquely Australian aspect.

“I always knew I wanted the prints to be experimental and different to what we’ve seen and digital allows you to do that,” he says.

Born just weeks out from the onset of summer, Made By Jimmy is bound for a bright future. “This is just the beginning,” Andrianakis grins. “Made By Jimmy will extend well beyond shorts into a full lifestyle brand.”

Made By Jimmy is available at Our Corner Store and Muther Of All Things Store.