Native to Australia – and more specifically the hinterland of north-eastern NSW, the Glass House mountains of Queensland and the Sunshine Coast – the macadamia tree is most famous for its rich and milky nuts. But the oil derived from these nuts has a set of healing and restorative merits and is the key ingredient in a new line of natural skincare products, called, Mia Tree. The line is another outlet for Sydney-based light artist Sam Mitchell-Fin, a project she has developed with her mother in Byron Bay.

“The two of us had been using the oil for a while, before we thought, this stuff is too good to keep all to ourselves!” says Mitchell-Fin. Mia Tree products are entirely natural, with all organic ingredients and only naturally occurring chemicals and preservatives. The first range is currently available at the Work-Shop Makery in Darlinghurst, and includes six clean, simple and fragrance-free basics: Face, Cleanse, Butter, Body, Lips and Oil. Mitchell-Fin admits that her favourite product is the oil, and explains, “The thing with Mia Tree oil is that it is very close to the natural pH of skin, so it’s easily absorbed and it moisturises, heals and protects. There are also no nasty chemicals for your body to break down.”

There are plans to develop the range further, with a hand cream, a foaming cleanser and a scented, black-label series using carefully selected organic essential oils. “By next summer we will also be launching an all natural sunscreen,” adds Mitchell-Fin. “Hopefully Mia will have something for everyone.”

Mia Tree is available at the Work-Shop Makery, 106 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst.