Slick, simple and effortless. That’s the way most people would describe Meanwhile, a menswear boutique catering to Sydney’s smooth sartorial set tucked onto the sleepy curve of Elizabeth Bay Road. Big name brands like Dries Van Noten and A.P.C. share rack space with smaller streetwear labels including Surface to Air, Three Over One and Our Legacy in an ode to modern, unpretentious style. Now, with their recently launched website, Meanwhile has brought their particular philosophy to a whole new audience.

“We love the physical space of the shop, however we always wanted the clothes that hang on the racks to be the hero and the same can be said of the site,” says owner Tim Leckie. “It’s a functional, user-friendly website without too many bells and whistles.”

Featuring a well-curated blog and original imagery featuring new product, those who visit Meanwhile’s website are encouraged to browse online at leisure while simultaneously being driven to visit the physical store (there’s no e-commerce planned at this stage).

It’s a clever concept that owes much to the specific design of the website as an extension of the bricks-and-mortar store and not as merely a creative outlet or a receptacle for contact details. In fact, it acts as an embodiment of Meanwhile’s design philosophy. “It has an elegant simplicity that you won’t tire of,” says Leckie.

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